provide services essential to enhance
your IP strategy.


Patent Search

We commit to providing meaningful search in a prompt manner utilizing right search skills and cutting-edge tools, both in Japan, China and other important countries.

Global IP Application
Filing Support

We realize your goals at all stages from invention development to issuance of patents using strong, well-establish network with attorneys in other countries.

Support for IP monetization
/ IP strategy building

For those who want to make efficient use of the IP assets, we help you develop the best IP strategy.



  • Prior Art / Pre-Filing Search

 To ascertain if ideas similar to your proposed idea has been disclosed earlier when you wish to patent applications.


  •  Clearance / FTO Search

 To identify in-force patent to determine whether a product may be considered to infringe patents owned by others.


  •  Invalidity Search

 To find a patent that can possibly invalidate certain patent right sabotaging your business.


  •  SDI / Patent Mapping

 Collecting patent application information on a regular basis helps you capture the current trend in technology and the situation around competitor’s R&D. Patent Mapping is also available.

Value of searching Japanese patents


  • Japan is easier to find patents that can invalidate target

Japan was the top patent filing country until early 2000s. Higher chance to find prior art that examiners overlooked in the prosecution.


  • English translation of entire specification is hardly available

Even widely-used commercial databases provide English translation of abstract only, not the entire specification.


  • Machine translation does not work well for Japanese-to-English translation

Compared to other languages, Japanese is difficult to translate. Time and cost can be inflated for translation.


Japan is a gold mine of prior art.

Only Japanese search company can find prior art that is exactly needed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



We realize your goals at all stages from foreign application filing to support in litigation matter, using strong and well-establish network with attorneys in other countries.

And we set service fees based on trusting relationship between the agents in each country, which enables us to offer straight forward fees without any unnecessary fees and to provide supporting services to meet client’s demand.




We work with IP portfolio monetizing companies to provide the best way to monetize dormant patent that you obtained.


Patent Monetizing Model

Our Partner

Meister Tech Alliances

Founder and CEO Shoji Matsumoto


Based in San Diego, California, Shoji Matsumoto is a patent sales agent who matches up buyers and sellers of patents between Japanese companies and foreign companies in the U.S. and Canada.

He has lived in North America for 15 years, and has signed a total of more than 10,000 patent sales contracts.

He also provides seed investment, business development support, and M&A/R&D management advisory services as an accelerator for venture companies in various countries.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



CEO Yoshinori Matsumoto

From proposing search plans based on direct hearing with in-house engineers to advising on building IP strategy including establishing relationship with attorneys, Logic Meister has supporting companies since its foundation in 2001.

We are not just a patent service firm but rather “outside IP division of your company”.



Our founding members are composed of the IP experts and experienced engineers in machine, semiconductor and software manufacturer.

From that time, there was connection with the people involved in various industries.

Here is the story I often heard at network events from those people.

“The more our products are sold, the more IP issues emerge.

As we do not have in-house IP experts in the company, people in charge of general affairs and engineers are forced to handle these matters. This is a huge problem.”

“We can seek legal advice for lawyers and patent attorneys, but they cannot give us advice on how to arrange work within the company.

We need guidance from experts who can fully understand the company.”

Meanwhile companies can expand a patent division when they have a number of challenges related to their IP assets, and they can downsize the division once their technology matures and they file less patent applications.

As a result, some companies fail to determine whether to file patent applications in terms of cost effectiveness.

Some wildly file a number of applications, and some fail to file necessary applications in the particular technology field due to a lack of communication between its patent division and engineers.

Given that situation, I thought it would be helpful for those companies if I could work for them as an ‘outside’ work-ready member of the patent division providing advice anytime they need.


We provide solutions to maximize value of your IP assets focusing on searches but also utilizing our various experiences in product design development, litigation, R&D-IP liaison, licensing negotiations.



 ISO 27001 certified

Logic Meister Osaka Office’s information security management system (ISMS) has been awarded the internationally recognized certificate ISO27001.

As a company dealing with highly-confidential information, we recognize our information management as a key task and work continuously to ensure that we meet requirements in a demanding industry.



IS 655304 / ISO 27001

Read more about our ISMS here.

Company Information

Company name Logic Meister Inc.

Shin-Osaka Grand Bldg. 10F

2-14-14 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi  532-0003

TEL +81 6-7222-0765
FAX +81 6-6350-6585

- Patent search in Japan, China and other countries

- Foreign IP application filing support

- Translation

- IP strategies

- Patent-related information gathering(e.g. Filing rate, tax, litigations etc)

CEO Yoshinori Matsumoto
Year Established



Shin-Osaka Grand Bldg. 10F
2-14-14 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi 532-0003

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