As a company dealing with highly-confidential information, we recognize our information management as a key task and work continuously to ensure that we meet requirements in a demanding industry.



Information Security Policy


Yoshinori Matsumoto

President of Logic Meister Inc.

May 11th 2016



  • Develop Information Security Management System (ISMS) documents to manage the appropriate system that is consistent with practical procedures and work continuously to ensure the information security.
  • Comply with laws and regulations applicable to ISO27001 and carry out our responsibilities in the agreement with clients, and also consider clients’ needs primarily in the ISMS management.
  • Review the ISMS through risk assessment procedures on a regular basis to further leverage ISMS framework strategically and to update security systems in an industry where technology is rapidly changing.
  • As a company that offers services related to highly confidential intellectual property, we take necessary measures to certainly protect information assets from threats against confidentiality, integrity (accuracy and consistency of stored data) and availability (ensuring that data is available to users and applications).
  • Ensuring employees of the ISMS scope (Osaka Office) understand their roles, responsibilities, importance of ISMS in the information security management and possible outcomes if/when the requirements of ISO27001 are violated.



Logic Meister Osaka Office’s information security management system (ISMS) has been awarded the internationally recognized certificate ISO27001. (Scope of certification: patent search)


* Due to office relocation in April 2022, the maintenance of certification at the new address is being coordinated with the audit organization.


IS 655304 / ISO 27001


 As a company that handles information related to intellectual property, we recognize the importance of properly managing information and are committed to ensuring information security.