Logic Meister can solve your problems such as:

We do not have enough resources and time to conduct search on our own...

Our staff well-experienced in all IP works and product development conduct search in an accurate and prompt manner.

Nobody in our company has knowledge of filing foreign applications and litigation...

We realize your goals at all stages from foreign application filing to support in litigation matter, using strong and well-establish network with attorneys in other countries.

3 Fields we provide support:

Patent Search

We provide required information in various ways including Pre-Filing, Prior Art, Freedom-to-Operate, Invalidity and/or Patent mapping through examining the net work of all patent information.
Our well-experienced and proficient search staff make excellent use of database to deliver search report in an accurate and prompt manner.
We can also handle English and Chinese search.

Global Patent Application Support

We have a wide network of patent law firms all over the world to comprehensively support your goal of pursuing patents in other countries. Logic Meister introduced an advanced teleconference system and has face-to-face communication timely and closely with attorneys.

Patent Utilization &
IP Strategy Planning Support

We help you build IP strategy if you would like to make the best use of your assets including dormant patents.
We have a track record of having patents monetized. We also have practical know-hows in litigations and licensing negotiations both in Japan and other countries, obtained in the past experiences.

Patent Search Flow


Prior Art / Pre-Filing Search

Pre-filing Search is to ascertain if the proposed idea has been disclosed earlier in the prior art.
It is very important when you want to clarify the difference between the prior art and the proposed idea prior to filing.

Clearance / Freedom to Operate Search

Clearance search seeks to detect any in-force patent, which is similar to your product or proposed product.

Invalidity Search

If you are informed that you are infringing someone else’s patent, we strive to find a patent that can possibly invalidate certain patent right.

SDI / Regular Investigation

Collecting patent application information on a regular basis helps you capture the current trend in technology and the situation around competitor’s R&D.
We are also able to develop patent map.

Main Technical Fields

We have requested about 600 patent search per year.
We can respond to requests not only for the following fields, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Software / Game
Automotive Parts
Mechanical Equipments

Foreign IP Application Filing Support

We communicate directly with patent attorneys all over the world via teleconference (Cisco WebEx).

At every stage from filing, prosecution to litigation, our communication.


Patent Law Firms we have worked with (and more):

Support for IP monetization / IP strategy building

Our experienced staff offer advice on how to build a successful IP strategy for your company.

If you have any problems in leveraging dormant patents, we will help to seek the best solution.

Company Name

 Number of litigation cases (Ongoing cases as of June 2018)

Dominion Harbor Group LLC  32
IP Valuation Partners LLC  50
Acceleration Bay LLC  3

Virtual Gaming Technologies LLC


Empire IP


Blackbird Technologies


WiLAN Technologies Inc


PanOptis LLC

Apple Inc  79

Our Own Patents

Logic Meister also invent and file patent applications for our own ideas.

We run searches for our own inventions and proactively file applications both in and outside of Japan if we determine that they meet criteria in novelty, inventiveness and non-obviousness.

 In ever-changing climate around examination at each country’s Patent Office, we commit to stay current with trend and see how trend is changing. By filing our own applications, we strive to accumulate know-hows in prosecution, refine search skills and collect information around state-of-the-art technology.

 Issue rate of our applications is over 80% as of 2018. Our strength lies in invention development/patent search of software especially Games and UI technology.

Logic Meister's patent:

JP patents:

US patents:

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